Sample 3 day notice to quit or 3 day notice to vacate (California)

I am looking for a pointer to a sample “3-day notice to quit” to serve to a former owner/current occupant of a home I purchased through trustee sale.

I have found a number of of examples via google, such as:

If anyone could point me to (provide me?) with an example of a document you have used successfully and has been used in a California Unlawful Detainer trial.

Virtually all of the samples I have seen are phrased with Landlord/Tenant, and I wary of using any document that might suggest a tenancy relationship where none exists.

For ‘Reason Notice Is Being Served’ should I simply state, “XYZ address was sold in a trustee sale on mm/dd/yy and you no longer own the house.”

Guidance/suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance

Upon further review, this is the one I think I was looking for:

very helpful tv, thank you.