Sean or anyone-- HELP ASAP! Do you know the phone number to Recontrust that actually works?

Dear Sean,

I’ve learned alot from this site. Thank you. On 11/30/09, I bought my first property at auction outside the county courthouse. I am getting worried that I won’t get my trustee deed, althought it is not 2 weeks yet. I’ve called the number the auctioneer gave me for Recontrust but it is always busy (805-381-3406) attempting to reach a person over the phone. I have called the 1800-281-8219 trustee number but only is answered by the automated generated answering computer. I have also held on the line for 1 hour and listen to elevator music. I have also googled them on the internet without any success. Are they a legitamate company? It seems that they are affliated with B of A – should I go to B of A and ask them? Are they going to take my money and run? Have you any success locating them? Please share.

I need to be prepared just in case I don’t get my trustee deed in time to record within 15 days to protect title.

The other thing I was concerned about was that the deed I bought was the first deed with original loan of 280K The lender on that deed is GreenLight Financial. Their was also second deed belonging to Golden 1 CU. However, Countrywide/B of A was the one foreclosing quoting the Instrument No belonging to the first trust deed. I did not see any documents after the first deed that Greenlight Financial sold to Countrywide but I am making that assumption. I am in trouble? I know definitely I bought the first deed.


Recontrust is owned by BofA. Was owned by Countrywide, and was actually one of the reasons BofA said they wanted Countrywide (their servicing platform).
I wouldn’t worry about the lender name so long as the Notice of Trustee Sale clearly indicates the original Green Light deed of trust (by county, date and document number).
You’ve got the right number as far as I know. Try calling early.

Thank you so much for your timely response. Since this is my first deal, I am getting butterflies in my stomach everyday until I get the trustee deed.

I’m curious how long it takes for recontrust to deliver a deed after the trustee sale. I think the deed needs to be recorded withing 2 weeks of the sale.

It’s better if you can record within 15 calendar days of sale in CA, as Civil Code 2924 provides that the sale shall be perfected as of 8am the day the sale was held - rather than the date the trustees deed was recorded.