Short Sale with Indy May *** any experienced agents out there ***

I’m in contract on a SS that has one loan, IndyMac and can’t find anyone that has any experience. I’m used to Wachovia SS so I know I’ve been spoiled. Any suggestions for success?
Thank you in advance, Dee

Please give me a call. We are a professional SS processing firm and we can assist you with your IndyMac negotiations. We charge no upfont fees and only ask for fee upon a successful closing. Many times we can successfully negotiate sale without any out of pocket expense to you.
Mark Altenbaugh
Short Sale Experts, Inc.

Indymac and Wachovia are opposite sides of the spectrum with Indymac being the most difficult and Wachovia being the easiest.

Do you know who the investor is? Is it a Fannie or Freddie loan or portfolio/investor loan. We’ve had different experciences based on these answers. I would expecte a 2-4 months turn time to get full package processed w/ BPO and decision.