Short sale negotiations with Roger Butcher's Shortsale Express?

Does anyone have experience with Roger Butcher’s ShortSale Express in dealing with short sale negotiations? They claim a 90% success rate, but I feel that is a bit high, unless they “cherry pick”.

Our office don’t have a good experience with them and out of four submited to them nothing ever closed. We are working with someone and their office closed everything that we have submitted to them.

I have been submitting all my short sales to Joe De Celle at Short Sales Express and he has successfully gotten all of them Investor approved and closed. I will be forever grateful for Joe and his expertise. He will have all of my short sale business for the remainder of this market down turn. Thank you Joe

At Short Sales EXPRESS all short sale packages go through a very meticulous screening and preparation process, twice for accuracy. Your short sale package is only submitted to the lenders when it meets our standards and has the greatest chance for approval.

I wanted to thank you Octavio for trusting me to get the job done for you and your clients. And to all the other REALTOR(S) I have had the pleasure of working side by side with over the years, THANK YOU! for all the wonderful comments and emails I have received. My number 1 objective was and always will be Customer Satisfaction. As you all may know, I am no longer working for Short Sales Express and haven’t been since April of 2010.

Jill, you and Short Sales Express are a bunch of under achievers. You make a lot of promises but never once delivered. My office has given your so called company several Short Sales to close and did you? That would be a BIG NO! You didn’t even close one of them. An Approval would have been a step in the right direction but that never happen. What a JOKE! After talking it over with my Broker we have since terminated any future agreement or business with your company and have taken all of our the files to another company witch did do what they said they would, got them all approved and closed. You should change your 90% closing slogan to maybe 40% at best. I would highly recommend any company or single REALTOR considering hiring Short Sales Express, RUN don’t walk away, before you waist your time and reputation. Thanks for nothing!

LOL. To Shortsale Express: Wow that sucks. The over marketing yourself in this business is suicide. Keep spending thousands on the dog and pony shows and take in 50 files in the two weeks following that you’re not equipped to handle that fast…you guys piss everyone off all at once and your business is gone. AGENTS: Do yourselves a favor and find an independent guy that caps his pipeline and works by referral only. He’s more likely to value every single lead he’s earned and paid for in a sense. I’m starting to make a pretty good living sweeping up your messes and picking up your crumbs. Keep up the good work Shortsale Express!

You telling these buffoons how you really feel is funny as shit. When I saw it, I thought it was something I wrote.