TCS Foreclosures

This company promises to teach you how to do short sales (and have banks agree!) Has anyone used their techniques?

What is TCS Foreclosures’ track record?? Are they legit or another rip-off scheme?

?? ?I have been associated with TCS for the last?3 years.? They have been a key to all of my success in the industry.? They are definately legit.? They are extremely helpful.? Once you are in their program it seems like there is nothing they wont do to help you succeed.??I feel like I am part of an organization that wants to see me do as well as they are.? So, I have nothing to say but good things about TCS and I am happy to be with them.?

Hi Amber, ? I like what you wrote about TCS.? I am thinking of joining them.? I would like to talk to you for more information.? Can you please email me at Thank you.

Whatever you do, do not work for them. ?Working for TCS foreclosures is the worst job on the planet.

I was thinking about applying to work for them.? How are they a bad company to work for?

I have 10 properties on my books that I’ve got discounted.? I need to unload them.? I was thinking of using TCS, but I don’t want to pay the thousands of dallars because I don’t know if they’ll perform.? If anyone is affiliated with them and would like to help me filter them through to their “Realty Track” investors please contact me.

Andrew - why do you think a service like this will help? Is there some problems with your properties that you can’t sell them on the open market? Seems like in most areas you can dump 10 properties within 45 days by pricing aggressively, even in this market. Just curious.

Sean, I want to assign the properties.? I have them under contract.? I’m not going to be purchasing them my self.? If I was purchasing my self I’m sure I wouldn’t have ot be on this blog asking about TCS, i’d just hire an agent and list them aggresively.? I don’t have that kind of money to be buying 10 properties in Souther California.? I have them under contract and I want to assign the contracts to investors.? I am aquiring more properties and I want to be able to funnel them through to investors.? TCS says that they can be a good source to funnel assumption of contracts, that’s what they advertise anyway.? So before I spend $15,000 on their program I need to know that they’ll perform.

If your contracts are good buys and you really have them locked up I’d head down to the auction steps. Usually a handful of pros at the steps with a few mill in their pocket, and usually some less experienced folks hanging around with money as well. No better find for a pro then a good bird dog who gets deals in contract.

Sean, ? You’re right.? I think i’ll have to do that instead of going through TCS.? Thanks.

Hi Andrew, I’m a TCS affiliate, and would happily analyze your properties and funnel them through TCS. They are great people, and if the deal makes sence, I’m sure we can work something out.
If you are interested, email me:

Andrew,?Did you find someone to “funnel” your properties thru Realty Trak yet?? I was curious what did you mean by “You have them under contract” ?? Are you a real estate agent?? Or are you functioning like a researcher that TCS Foreclosures talks about training? ? By what I heard yesterday and today, you can get in for about half the money you talked about.? Maybe it’s an end of the year sale.? I think you might just want to talk to them about it and negotiate your entry fee.? They seem very reasonable. ? I plan to start with them very soon.? See you out there.

Hello; ? I have an interview with TCS tomorrow and would like to know what it is that you found to be objectionable about working there? ?Is there a salary, or just straight commission? ?I was told by ‘Karen’ today that most people are making 5-7k a month, but some new guy came in and pulled 11k his first month. ?I have a feeling that after being told that it’s a 70-80 person sales team (boiler room?) and that the turnover is because people start using the program, and that the schedule is 9:30-7pm that this is a burn out job and there is way more than reaches the eye. ?Can you fill me in on what it is that you were supposed to do, and how you were compensated? ?Thanks so much, R. L. ? ?

hi there;? Did you apply to TCS? What was your experience? ?Did you take a job with them? ?I’m supposed to apply tomorrow and am curious what to expect or if I should even follow up… ? ?

Hi andrew, I’ve been talking to TCS. What happened? I need to know all I can, so if you have some info I need to know, please let me know! I’m unemployed, and I’ve got to do something soon! Thanks, Janie

Hi Amber, I am also an affiliate of TCS and would love to talk with you.? Please email me at Thanks, Lyn

Well I have good news everyone.? I have not payed TCS for their services.? Instead I have been negotiating and purchasing short sales with hard money my self.? When I purchase these properties under market value I either sell them quickly, refinance them or use creative financing to sell them.? I also found another company here in Southern Califrnia that will negotiate the short sale and buy the property themselves.? They have many Chinese investors.? When they sell a property to one of their investors I get a referral fee and you don’t have to pay anything to send them short sales. ?? ? So I’ve been doing this on my own, and brokering notes, and now I have a loan modification business with a real estate lawyer friend of mine.? ? I never joined TCS so I don’t know if they do what they say they do.? I know that they are affiliated with Realty Track, that’s where their “pool of investors” lies.? Realty Track corporate office is here in Irvine.? I visited them and spoke the guy in charge of their relationship with TCS, he was great, he helped me understand that most of the buyers on Realty Track are first time buyers.? So it seems like there is truth to what TCS claims, I just never joined.? If you want to learn how to do short sales I’ll show you how.? Why assign the contract for a fee, when you can do the deal your self? ? Thank you, ? Andrew Macia. ?

Hi lyn, I am affliate with them for the past 3-4 months.? They are very knowledgable and very helpfull.? They won’t make you successful, You will make yourself successful. But if you are driven, and willing to work hard, they are supper in teaching and coaching you in every step of the way.?

Interested in knowing whether or not TCS is a legit business or simply a boiler room with telemarketing sales folks doing the hard sell on their “short sales training.” Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.