Sean - what have you heard or know of TCS Foreclosur...

Sean - what have you heard or know of TCS Foreclosure and there relationship with Realty Trac, and there system, and paying to become part of there network. Can any investor give me information regarding the company

Hi Sylvia - I know absolutely nothing about them, though the site has a pretty active thread about them here: with mixed reviews.
My guess is that like any of these training services, it really is more about you then the service. Smart hard working people will succeed with even the worst training, and those just looking to get rich quick will always fail.

Hi Sylvia and Sean - I bought into TCS almost two years ago. I certainly understand what you meant, Sean, by saying “it’s really more about you than the service.” The problem is, these guys promise services that they don’t provide - and that is against the law. A Superior Court Judge agreed with me after easily proving it with a range of supporting data. I now have a Judgement against them, and they’re hiding in a hole somewhere.

I have collected over 100 submissions just this month in my nationwide short sale business, and am on track to break 1,000 for the year. I say this only to validate that I think I am one of the smart, hard-working people that Sean referred to above. I did not have false or unfair expectations for my relationship with TCS. Rather, it’s that they broke the law by contractually promising services that they do not provide. (I have almost 50 examples of it!) THIS is why so many people are angry and upset with them.

I have given them fair chance to react with the same ethics and dignity that they promote, but surprise-surprise, they have not. So in your considering a relationship with them, Sylvia, keep in mind that I along with many other people, were scammed by them. I’ve just taken the necessary steps to legally prove it.

My efforts to reveal what the court of law confirmed will certainly not cease with this post.