where can you find a list of the top realtors that specialize in foreclosures.

looking to begin investment process

Hopefully right here, very soon. One of the reasons we launched this site was to help all the great Realtors we know connect with all the great investors we know. Please post a profile (yes investors can do this too), and let folks know the qualifications you are looking for. I’m regularly amazed by the quality of our customers. As we all begin to have discussions here, hopefully obvious connections with like-minded folks will be easy to spot!


Because we havent seen a wave of foreclosures like this in 20 years, agents with the experience or knowledge to represent you in purchasing a pre-foreclosure or foreclosure property are few and far between.

When choosing an agent to help you with a pre-foreclosure or foreclosure property, be careaful as to not get taken by a ride by a self procalaimed “expert” Always ask anyone you consider working with if they have successfully closed any preforeclosure or foreclosure properties.

As a Certified Pre-Foreclosure and Short Sale Speciaist, I am a member of a select group of 200 agents throughout California that have had extensive training in the tax, legal and credit issues affecting buyers and sellers of foreclosure properties.

Email my assistant at cmariner@kwsv.com and she can connect you with a Certified Foreclosure Specialist in your area.

If you are looking in Silicon Valley, contact me and we can see if there is a good fit for the two of us to work together.

Brett Jennings

Keith_1, what exactly do you mean with “specializing in foreclosures”?
Realtors can show you homes listed for sale on the MLS, whether bank owned, short sales, or regular.? Most NODs and NTSs are not listed for sale on the MLS.
I’ve seen lots of realtors promoting foreclosures on their website, as if trying to let people think that there is some special deal to be had.
When banks list an REO at below-market prices, the market fills the gap by bringing multiple buyers and offers coming in above asking price.
Nothing is more appaling, than all the scams going on, and with the current market still having a high demand (over 3000 pending sales in San Diego in April),? good deals are hard to find.? It takes a lot of legwork, looking at homes, to find a needle in a haystack.
I’m always curious what buyers and investors are expecting when they ask me about foreclosures.
I use ForelosureRadar.com to show buyers the foreclosure pipeline in areas where they are looking.? Many foreclosures signal a weaker market, where prices have dropped a lot.? Is this an area you want to buy, or do you prefer an area where your equity is more protected (for now, at least)?
I am happy to participate in a discussion, regardless of where you live.

I have developed over a period of years a directory of real estate specialists who concentrate on a defined local market. It is called preview-all.com.

I am helping landlords and rehabers in the Sacramento county area find discounted homes to buy. go to www.sacramentofixerupperhouses.com

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