for Prospecting?

Does anyone use for prospecting new pre-foreclosure clients? Any ideas / suggestions?

It seems like a lot of these people are just sitting there in default not knowing what to do. I know the short pay off transactions are time consuming but if I could get 10 to 20 new listings it will just generate more buyer leads.

Please let me know!

Anthony Arsondi

Pamela Ann Northup & Anthony Arsondi
The Serenity Real Estate Team
Keller Williams Realty, Castro Valley CA
Office: 510-581-7355

One of the things I know a lot of Realtors have said they like about using ForeclosureRadar for farming is that it offers enough search criteria that they can farm within the market they are already working. Thus short sale transactions become a normal extension of their business rather than having to redefine themselves as just foreclosure experts (though that can be a good move for some as well right now). Second you can search by equity for properties that aren’t so hopelessly upside down that you’ll never get a short sale approved. Finally you can search by lender and look for lenders that are easier to work with. Hopefully some of our clients will chime in as well.

Remember that one of the great benefits provided by ForeclosureRadar is the ability to see a home the day it becomes bank owned. This is powerful information to use to strike up conversations. When you can give potential buyers, sellers and neighbors information on bank owned properties like the opening bid and winning bid you have already demonstrated that you know what is happening in the market. You can then use this to remind them that for those who are behind on their payments there are options other than foreclosure. We always believe that if you are prepared to give information people are then more willing to give information. You can hear more about this in the ForeclosureRadar webinars.