Best way to get short sale listings


I want to get listings using foreclosureradar, can you tell me how.


The key is to work smart, not hard. Use ForeclosureRadar to focus on short sales that are the most likely to close as follows:

  1. Use the “Open Loans” criteria under Foreclosure Details to focus first on properties with only 1 loan. These are far easier to get closed then properties with multiple lenders.
  2. Use the “Listed” criteria under Value & Equity to eliminate properties that are already listed.
  3. Focus on those lenders that are easiest to work withby using the “Lender” criteria under Foreclosure Details, and our Short Sale Report.
  4. If you are in the office and want to call folks, narrow results to only those with Phone numbers using our “Owner Phone” crtieria.
    Once you get your results sort them by sale date, in descending date order. Start by focusing on those that have a projected sale date the farthest out from today, so you have more time to work the deal and get it closed.
    Next look at the est equity, and focus on those with the least negative equity, as again they will be easier to close.
    Finally use customize to add Lender to your results list, and pay attention to who the lender is as some are easier to work with than others.
    Once you’ve found the best opportunities contact the owner and get them listed. By the way you are going to look awfully smart to that owner when you already know who their lender is, how upside down they are, and come to them with a specific game plan, rather than “hi, can I have your listing”.


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Foreclosure Radar works great. Looking for a marketing strategy or a seminar that demonstrates how to contact these short sale leads. Many phone numbers are disconnected and my mailers do not seem to be that effective. What are agents doing in other markets? I am in NorCal Shasta County willing to drive to Sacramento, Sanfrancisco, San Jose, etc to get some good training.


Hi Mike, There are several different strategies for searching for short sales. I have personally taken the CDPE training and I routinely attend all free webinars that I can get my hands on. I love the free tools that can be found on the Harris Real Estate University site. You will find that most people that are not making their payments do not necessarily answer their home phones (if they still have them). Most agents that I talk to are writing hand written notes or trying to make contact with the homeowner by door knocking. You have to remember that many of these folks are living with a tremendous amount of stress. Your goal is to get them talking to you so that you can determine if you can help them.


You can have your clients go through Economic Stabilization Project a non profit organization using the hafa short sale buyback If you read the mha handbook ch4 sec 7.3 arms length transaction making this perfectly legal. If you currently have clients that want to keep their home call esp. 619 516 8113 ask for jay grant. You will find your short sales with immediate funding and would be able to represent as listing and buyers agent depending if you are out of state of ca. This is nation wide program. Fast approvals becuase banks like to deal with them becuase they can write this off as a charitable donation. Call them for details. Jay grant cell is 619 504 3141