I am looking for a list of foreclosure investors, wh...

I am looking for a list of foreclosure investors, where would I find such a list?

Hi I am an investor how may i help u ,allen

Looking for foreclosurer investors that sell under owner financing. I have buyers of clean notes waiting for good properties and quick deals. I can get them cash in two or three weeks under normal deals .

Dave …Call I can help…1-888-816-6637

Hi, I am a Note Specialist looking to connect with Foreclosure Investors as a reliable source to sell their Notes. I have a formidable data base of hungry buyers to pool from to get the best price. Please contact my office (802)863-3339 or toll free (877) 863-4122 if I can be of service and/or go to my website: http://CjsCashFlow.com to familiarize yourself with what my service can do for you and others in your vocation. Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you for years to come.

I help investors sell their unwanted notes secured by real estate for top dollar. I have a large group of buyers waiting for me to submit note information for them to make their offers. Call Me Today 503 236-7760 Sincerely, Laura Denney

I am looking to work with foreclosure investors that have sold properties do to Seller Financing or have properties for sell and want to get rid of them fast. SELLER FINANCING IS THE KEY!! for more info visit my website www.cash4cashflows.com/cjames7

I am a Note Specialist seeking to contact Foreclosure Investors in Florida.I represent a group of buyers ready to purchase your Seller Financed real estate note for Cash Now. Closing in 20 to 45 days depending on note info. received. I look forward to working with you soon. Contact Ray 904-874-9400, ray312@aol.com, www.cash4cashflows.com/RSchulz

I am a note specilalist in the the tri state area of Delaware,New Jersey & Pennslylvania. Also able to work with investors thru out the United States. I have the support of a net work of buyers who purchase Real Estate notes and can get you the CASH YOU NEED NOW!. ( I CAN GET IT) so give me a call @ (302)898-0473. Let me show you how i can help you, also visit my website @ www.cash4cashflows.com/ahorton5. I look forward to working with you.

I am a Note Specialist in the Denver area seeking to aid Foreclosure Investors in selling their notes for cash. I have a large network of buyers and can get the cash you need for your note! Please feel free to contact me @ 720-308-7758 or go to my website; www.cash4cashflows.com/rtrammell1index.html It will be my pleasure to work with you, Laurie T.

I am a Note Specialist seeking Foreclosure Investors in Los angeles, Nevada, Florida,Missouri,texas, and carolina. I buy mortgage or trust deed for my own portfolio and able to assit. contact mike 5629646039

I’m a cash flow specialist and i work with a group of buyers that want to get top dollar for their notes or seller financing. I can give you the cash you need instead of making them monthly payments because cash now is worth more than cash in the future. If you want to get you cash now just go to my website at www.cash4cashflows.com/klucas4 or call me at 843-453-8729.

Hello, my name is Eric and I’m looking for foreclosure investors that have sold properties under seller financing. Lets work together, Let me get you lump sums of cash for your notes. Log onto www. cash4cashflows .com/ecoaxum for more information, thank you.

Hey investors! My name is Jimmy and I’m looking for any foreclosure investors that may need help selling there house or property! Let me help you make things easier! Time is money so what are u waiting for! Email me at hott_dawg101@hotmail.com or call (859)630-2611 for more information. Thank you!

we are investors ready to inject funds to any viable business.Do email us your Executive Summary of your Business Plan for our review.Our email is Jerry.buchanan@live.com Jerry

Hello, I work with a group of buyes who are interested in offering lumpsum cash for the remaining payments of private mortgages. Also looking for foreclosure investors who are looking for immediate cash for their real estate. Please visit my website:www.cashflowunlimitednow.com

I am a Florida state certified general contractor with extensive and intimate experience and knowledge of residential real estate in Martin and St. Lucie counties. Looking for investors interested in teaming up for foreclosure purchases, renovations, and resales. Please contact me to discuss further. www.powersconstructioninc.net. Now is the time! Jeffrey Powers