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Foreclosure trash outs

how do I get in touch with realtors in my area that deal with foreclosure trash outs

Send a flier or email. Most of us are always looking for reliable sources to get our work done.?

can you help me with the dallas, texas area?

We work most of Southern California we do Rahabbing and Inspections of any type. Turn around can be done in? 24 hrs.

I am starting my own business and have a license for scrapping and removal. I want to do trash outs, how can i find realters looking for help? Central valley california.

Where are you located? I am in PA and we have a trashout business and are looking for more business…

I own a foreclosure trashout business in Jacksonville FL and am looking for more work from realotors/or brokers.? If anyone needs help with their properties please let us know? 904-484-6077.???

Southern Oregon! I am offering? a property trash out service. I am a General contractor / Painting contractor. We can do it all.
Prices range from 500 to 1500 depending on what needs to be done. We have temp storage as needed, traillers for hauling & dumping. We will digtally photo and document all work.
Call Gavin Cullen anytime 541-499-2355

I’m in Northern California and looking for houses to do trash outs on. Please contact me ASAP via-email. Thank you

I’m a general contrractor and I have been in business for 35 years,? I have done Trashouts Remodeling, you name and we do it.
I service the following counties in califormia.? Placer County, Eldorado County, Sacramento County.? My prices can’t be? beat…

I am on the Utah/ Idaho border.? Does anyone need help on inspection, damage reports, or help with trash outs?? Also I know realtors in my area that may need help.

Hello, I’m trying to start a trash out buisness in Southern Californa and trying to find out all the licenses you need I have a buisnees licenses working on Insurance right know. Do I need any other licenses ?? Thanks Curtis

I’m in South Florida and have a company looking to do trashouts and general maintenance.?

I am in the Miami Area I have experiences in trashouts and general maintance ?of? foreclosed ?homes.?My company also does complete lawn service?We may be reached at or Cell 305-763-7462

We are?interested in ?helping lenders in?restoring repairing and maintainence of forclosed properties in the orange and?Riverside?counties area. Please call me with any inquires. We are Realtors and contractors.
Nuestra Casa
714 560-8830

My name is William Brooks and I am the owner of Brooks cleaning company in Michigan. My company handles all aspects of any cleaning job . We specialize in clean outs and tear outs of bank owned foreclosed properties .We also do yard maintenance, pool service, lock changes and repair work . My? Company CAN WAIT 30 DAYS FOR PAYMENT !!! Please feel free to call or e-mail for any price quotes or bid submittal. Thank You William Brooks (248) 248-914-1364 or (248) 756-1225?

My name is Mike, I’m starting a foreclosed home cleanout business in Florida. I’m in the process of buying general liability insurance. The insurance agent but janitorial services in the classification section on the insurance form. Is this the correct classification for this type of work? Thanks for any help.

i heard that detroit is looking for alot of people to do this. There is so much foreclosure in that area.

this jobs are hard? to get because there are so many companies doing it. If you did not start when you the housing market went down you will not get one.

I saw your comment on Foreclosure Radar. I want to start a REO trash out business (no repairs), can you tell me if I need to be licensed as a general contractor?