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I am a realtor how can I get foreclosed listings from lenders to sell

We need licensed agents to list our foreclosures! America Buys Foreclosures (ABF) is a nationwide asset management company that is contracting with banks to sell their REO’s and Pre-Approved Short Sale Properties. Agents are required to sign up and train with ABF as well as e-signing program. **Our agents DO NOT INCUR any monthly costs for our properties (NO cash for keys, NO utilities, NO repairs/re-hab costs, etc.)! ABF puts all costs in their name. **Agents are not required to change Brokers. Send me an email and I will respond with a link to our Webinar.?
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Even though I am hesitant to even justify your post with a response, I will.?
First of all, let me point out that I am not a partner/principal/owner or management?of ABF.?
For some reason you feel entitled and?your tactic is attacking.??ABF does not disclose?their business model, clients, or agent information as it is confidential. We do not release the names of the Realtors for privacy reasons.? Otherwise we would have people, such as yourself,?calling them for answers to your questions and that is not their job.
Just because you have not yet received a listing does not mean that ABF is a scam.
Since you are not identifying yourself I will assume you are with this “franchise company”.? If you?are not happy with?ABF, then you are welcome to cancel.???Please contact support@abfnetwork.com to cancel.??We can offer your zip codes to agents who?recognize the opportunity with ABF.??I have had to turn away agents?because some zip codes are full in certain areas of California.? I also know Florida, Texas and Arizona have some full zip codes.? I know that ABF is providing something to agents that no other company does.? All of the work has been done for you, an agent is assigned a listing - does it get any easier??? ABF has contracted with a nationwide property preservation company so that agents will NEVER carry any maintenance expenses as well as ABF putting utilities in their name.?I am not aware of another asset management company that offers this to agents?? We are different from any other asset management company and therefore, I think some people are skeptical.? It’s like a beaten dog being offered a bone, they don?t know what to do with it.? Agents fight tooth and nail to receive REO listings and agents are not used to a positive take on receiving REO listings.? I will no longer justify attacks on this blog, nor will I take any more time out of my day to respond to you.? Please remember this is a business relationship and you may want to consider how you are approaching myself?and ABF.?

Very well said twinsmom. I am glad that you have done your own research regarding ABF. I suggest please post your reply to the other forums posted by Megan Combs in this site to get a response from her to all of your questions. Thanks a lot for your post.

Hello to everyone who is interested in America Buys Foreclosures?and taken their time to post.? We appreciate the attention and your interest.
I am going to have to sign off on these posts as I do not have time to keep up and reply. If you have specific questions regarding ABF’s Listing Agent REO Referral Program?, please email me @ megan@abfnetwork.com.
Best of luck to all in their Real Estate business and endeavors.
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I’m leaving a company that Praised ABF, however we were told REO listings were coming October of 2008 here it is June. No listings. the Broker-manager of this office also recruited over 50 agents to receive REO LISTINGS, that broker left the company, I wish someone could answer a very important questions, Where are all the REO listings?

I signed up with ABF and was promised get get REO listings by April, didn’t hear a word from them;?comes? May, nothing.? Now we’re in June and haven’t heard a word from ABF as of yet.? They just??took? my money and the rest ?is history.? I feel it’s about time to unmasked them and file a formal complain.

Well, I am one of the “true believers”. I have hung in there with ABF for over six months, and still nothing. Enough is enough. ABF recently posted “press releases” on their website which were pretty explicit in what they have promised to do for those of us who got on board. They have since pulled it down, but I downloaded a copy to my hard drive before they did. If I (We!) don’t hear something positive by the middle of June 2009, and we are almost there, I am forwarding it to the California Attorney General along with my completed complaint form. I know that won’t make any of us whole, but sometimes justice is all you can hope for.

I have met with?America Buys Foreclosures and I just happen to come across this?blog and felt I should leave a post.? This is one of the most exciting companies I have been involved with.?I have been in real estate for 20+ years. America Buys Foreclosures is light-years ahead of any other asset management company that I have worked with, for both lender clients and Realtors.??
America Buys Foreclosures has contracts?with lenders and is on the brink of a full launch.?
Prior postings with accusations?that they are a scam is?laughable.?
Go to their office, or call their toll-free office #, they are more than willing to talk to?anyone.??This?company?is going to monopolize the foreclosure market for years to come.? Mark my words.

Baloney - “I Met With Foreclosures” you are just another of the ABF stooges pretending to be impartial. It’s the middle of June, and still no word about listings, so this morning I sent in my complaint to the Attorney General. I hope you all go to jail.

All agents only care about their commissions, not on buyer’s behalfs, period.

Dear Anonymous(I met with America Buys Foreclosures),
Please be sure to let all of us know when you get your monies worth from this company.? We are all waiting with bated breath.? You sound just like they do, could it be because?you are ABF?? You tell us about your experience, but won’t reveal your identity.? Blah, Blah, Blah.? I have marked your word as you requested and I will be sure to check back for your unverifiable updates.??Just so you know, they (you) have been on the brink for sometime, the brink of what, we are not sure.??Why should we have to “go to their (your)?office” for assurances???What are they (you)?hiding that can’t be put on the internet,?they (you)?might want to ?think about living in the e-world where most of us are.??They (you)?use the internet to recruit people, why won’t they (you)?use it to?tell us what is going on.? My guess is that there are still honest trusting people out there that they (you)?haven’t gotten money from yet.??Your (you are ABF) attempt to discredit hundreds of posts is pathetic at best.??ABF, you aren’t?even good at faking a real estate agent.???

There are?a couple?great forums on REOping that discusses ABF.? Somehow Megan and all of the ABF?posters were able to remove all of their postings from all of the forums.? Everyone was calling them out and their response was to disappear.? That sure made everyone there trust them.?

With all due respect “twinsmom75”, you do not identify yourself either. I am not here to argue with you.? Clearly you are upset for whatever reason?about this company.? That’s your opinion and I was simply putting MY opinon and experience out there.?
I just received an email from them yesterday:
Dear Agent,
America Buys Foreclosures would like to take this opportunity to introduce Sentinel Property Services!? America Buys Foreclosures has partnered with Sentinel Property Services to provide nationwide property preservation needs for all of our REO properties.?
Sentinel Property Services is a single point service provider with the capacity and expertise to manage properties nationwide. Sentinel Property Services will handle all of the following for our agents:
??? Occupancy issues ? Cash for Keys, Eviction
??? Transfer utilities into ABF?s name
??? Re-keying
??? Inspections ? health and safety, as well as inspection of systems (plumbing, electrical)
??? Yard clean up and maintenance
??? Trash outs
??? Pool/spa maintenance
??? Winterization, if necessary
??? Installing lock box for contractor entry
Sentinel is currently in the process of inviting prospective vendors/contractors who are interested in providing preservation services to register and become a vendor.
Sentinel seeks qualified and credentialed contractors/vendors who have a working knowledge of the REO industry, or who would like to enter this industry. If you know of any contractors/vendors interested in becoming a preferred vendor with Sentinel please invite them to register their services.?
Please instruct vendor/contractor applicants to go to www.sentinelpropertyservices.com and click on the ?Contractor Application tab? located on the left.? Complete all necessary fields, click ?Submit Your Application? and then click the link to e-sign the application. All applications must be e-signed or they will not be sent to Sentinel for consideration.? Instructions from Sentinel to complete the sign up process will follow.
America Buys Foreclosures and Sentinel Property Services is looking forward to building a lasting relationship with vendors/contractors who are committed to providing excellent and timely service.?
Sentinel Property Services will benefit our agents in allowing them to focus on marketing and selling properties as well as saving them out of pocket expenses on any listing referred by America Buys Foreclosures.
America Buys Foreclosures Team

I have to think that they would not be announcing other companies and partnerships if they are not intending to perform.?
I will post emails I receive from them to keep people updated via this vehilcle if anyone is interested.

ABf has partnered with Bank of America.?

Hi Megan, currently doing REO’S with Indy Mac Bank, & Lockheed Federal Credit Union, Look forward to establishing a working relationship

I’ve “partnered” with BoA too. ?I opened a checking account.
I’ve also “partnered” with others on ABF’s list such as Fidelity (opened escrows), and American Home Warranty.
Just go away ABF… you’re so full of sh!t. ?Quit spamming up these forums.

there are tons of great sites in google that have these listings. They may charge a little bit but it is well worth it. This is how i get my list.

don’t be a fool folks, the only way to be a realtor (listing agent) for the banks is to know the asset managers, connections,.connections, and more connections!! Don’t let this greedy Megan lady fool you!! You should NEVER have to pay to be a listing agent for the banks/asset companies. Those of us that have been in the business for awhile know better!! DON’T BE FOOLED BY HER LIES!!!