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I am now sure that America Buys Foreclosures is a scam. I was stupid for not looking first at the internet. I thought that they were indorsed by the National Assoc of Realtors since I was approched by them at the national convention. I got very sucipious when they could not get there training systems to work for months. Then the customer service was naught. They were very ugly on the phone and now they will not anwser. Once more a company in theUSA has taken us for a ride. We don’t even have to worry about overseas scams as we have our own. That is the facts!

I signed up with America Buys Foreclosures April 09…received 10 zip codes…got very excited. I paid all the fees…took all the training courses online. Nothing has happened…got an email that hooked me in again about:
Dear Agent,
America Buys Foreclosures would like to take this opportunity to introduce Sentinel Property Services! America Buys Foreclosures has partnered with Sentinel Property Services to provide nationwide property preservation needs for all of our REO properties.
So I thought that they might have gotten it together and are getting ready to introduce properties for listing agents. Then I received another email that I had to be up and running with Settleware esigning systems so that I would be eligible to receive listings. So I signed up with them 4-5 months ago…$29.00 mo…still nothing…Now I really feel stupid because not only have I fallen for a scam and paid fee’s up front for nothing but I’m paying Settleware $29.00 per month for a service thats required for ABF, that I would never use otherwise. Dec 1st I called Settleware and told them I am cancelling and to discontinue my service…they agreed to stop taking the $$ from m Visa account. Guess what??They kept taking the $$…Called them back 1-21-10 and the recorded menu only would allow me to leave a message. I got in my car and went to my bank and helped them by canceling the auto withdraw of $29.00 a month. I am finally done with this company if you can call it a company.

America Buys Foreclosures (ABF) is at it again! It appears now they are trying to operate under Premier Southland Real Estate Services! BEWARE! If you look on www.premiersouthland.com their address and phone number are the same as ABF. Don’t believe a word of what these people say. Marie Hansen is the Broker and shame on her, she should know better.
CEO of ABF, Janisse Dale, was sued for Fraud in Orange County Superior Court.

Hi Megan, I would love to have an opportunity to work with you and your company. Please send me an email so that I can get started. Thanks, Kris Wesenhagen Keyek Realty President/ Realtor Email: Kris@KrisWes.com

Yes, I was in the same boat as you! After waiting for over a year for them to get their REO properties… Nothing! Nada , Zip… When I emailed them awhile ago… they were coy and did not say when they would get the Listings… Also a hard time to cancel settleware as nobody answers the tel.I did not think it was a Scam and was told to have patience… Now I think we got scammed… I am done too… Never used settle ware but had to auto pay… what a waste… Why try to suck in realtors when it is a hard time for us to make a living… Try to scam some rich Celebrity instead in Beverley Hills …

What do I do next

Megan, this may just be the connection I’ve been looking to increase my business in 2011.

I believe that anyone that receives an email trying to sell you something similar to this product you should forward to your call local MLS

Have you noticed that all of Megan’s postings come anonymous?
I have received emails from this company and so many others claiming to have the best way to get more listings I need from the very start they were with off

I am with a real estate investment group in Houston Texas that would like to start buying real estate wholesale in the Texas market. mike@mrtventures.com

Would like to sell foreclosures