How do I get to list foreclosed properties with banks?

How do I get to list foreclosed properties with banks?

I am a realtor how can I list foreclosed properties in my area

We need licensed agents to list our foreclosures! America Buys Foreclosures (ABF) is a nationwide asset management company that is contracting with banks to sell their REO’s and Pre-Approved Short Sale Properties. Agents are required to sign up and train with ABF as well as e-signing program. **Our agents DO NOT INCUR any monthly costs for our properties (NO cash for keys, NO utilities, NO repairs/re-hab costs, etc.)! ABF puts all costs in their name. **Agents are not required to change Brokers. Please me email me and I will respond with a link to our Webinar.
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Megan…I’m a huge REO Buyer’s agent and now getting my team into listings. Is this like Resnet? We just teamed with a new mortgage company that is giving us 120 listings…but we are looking for a lot more. We dispose of listings fast. Sheyenne Schultz Real Estate Network Group 2601 Airport Drive #120 Torrance, Ca 90505 310-429-4170 The REOGAL!

Calling Megan Combs. Can you post names of Realtors who have received your REO listings? Signing $150 for training, charging $30/month for an esign service you are selling whether you use them or not is a scam. Charging another $99/mo for every zip code if you get a listing is another scam. My fellow Realtors, don’t fall for this ploy. Go direct to Asset Managers who are legitimate and have been doing them for a long time like Goodman Dean, IAS, Keystone, First American, Nations, etc. Did you notice that whenever Megan is asked to put referrals of Realtors who have received listings from them she is dodging the question and not talking about it? Sell your service in eBay. I guess you have already made a lot of money from Realtors who went to your training and after realizing that they made a mistake and cancelled their association with you. A franchise company who have assign you as their approved supplier even cancelled their association with you after a lot of their agents filed their complaints with the main corporate office. What can you say about these allegations? I want to hear your side.

Hi Anonymous, You mentioned asset managers who are legitimate, could you give us hungry realtors a full list of asset managers that you recommend? Your expertise is appreciated!

Even though I am hesitant to even justify your post with a response, I will, so that others will not construe that I am ?dodging? anything.?
First of all, let me point out that I am not a partner/principal/owner or management?of ABF.?
For some reason you feel entitled and?your tactic is attacking.??ABF does not disclose?their business model, clients, or agent information as it is confidential. We do not release the names of the Realtors for privacy reasons.? Otherwise we would have people, such as yourself,?calling them for answers to your questions and that is not their job.
Just because you have not yet received a listing does not mean that ABF is a scam.
Since you are not identifying yourself I will assume you are with this “franchise company”.? If you?are not happy with?ABF, then you are welcome to cancel.???Please contact to cancel.??We can offer your zip codes to agents who?recognize the opportunity with ABF.??I have had to turn away agents?because some zip codes are full in certain areas of California.? I also know Florida, Texas and Arizona have some full zip codes.? I know that ABF is providing something to agents that no other company does.? All of the work has been done for you, an agent is assigned a listing - does it get any easier??? ABF has contracted with a nationwide property preservation company so that agents will NEVER carry any maintenance expenses as well as ABF putting utilities in their name.?I am not aware of another asset management company that offers this to agents?? We are different from any other asset management company and therefore, I think some people are skeptical.? It’s like a beaten dog being offered a bone, they don?t know what to do with it. ?Agents fight tooth and nail to receive REO listings and agents are not used to a positive take on receiving REO listings.?
I will no longer justify attacks on this blog, nor will I take any more time out of my day to respond to you.? Please remember this is a business relationship and you may want to consider how you are approaching myself?and ABF.?

? I have been quietly listening for some time regarding ABF and have several concerns that I think need to be addressed. I have been doing research on ABF for a couple of months.? I have been reading the forums on the net and doing my own search for answers.? Some of the things I have found out are that the address that is listed with the State of California?for the corporation is a very small space?above a touristy strip mall just off of the Pacific coast highway near Newport Beach CA.? I was able to see with Google Earth.? It is not a very impressive location for a nationwide asset management company.? It also appears that ABF?s parent company is Settleware.? If you read the FAQ’s on the company web page it is all about the e-signing software which is a product of Settleware.? After finding out that ABF was owned by Settleware, I was a little unsettled (sorry I couldn?t help myself).? My gut feeling is they are trying a new way to sell their product, which would explain why they keep reiterating that it can be used for all of your business and that you must purchase the product to do business with ABF.? The training is also all about the e-signing software and apparently has little or nothing to do with selling REO’s according to someone who has been through the training.? ABF may very well be making an attempt to get into the asset management business, but what do they bring to the table?? They do not appear to be having much success as they have continually pushed back the date of their first listing release.? ?
?? Everyone keeps talking about the business model, what I want to know is who are the principles putting this company together?? What are their credentials with asset management? That is the first thing I want to know about anyone I do business with.? When I opened my own brokerage, the most important thing I had to offer was my experience and knowledge of the business.? I have not heard one thing about the experience, knowledge or for that matter the identity of who is operating this company or anyone in management.? Here in Las Vegas you have to know the right people to get into the REO business. ?I want to know that the management of this company is a known entity in asset management, with a track record and good reputation. ?
? ??Another concern I have is an asset management company that would take anyone with the ability to pay for software training and software without regard to their qualifications or experience (and no training regarding REO policies or procedures) seems to me to be setting itself up for some really unhappy banks. ?If the management of this company doesn’t include people?with years of experience in asset management and?banking?who can be checked out and verified, then I can?t see what the value of this business is. ?I can go purchase much less expensive soft ware for electronic signatures.? If I could just get one agent to verify results, which at the present apparently do not exist as not one agent has stepped forward with news of any listings, in fact an agent who was signed up with ABF several months ago and was singing their praises last month is now beginning to doubt if they are real and has been talking about the old deals they offered like 5 free zip codes, that were taken away, what is that all about?
? As for Megan, I have read her posts and answers to questions as well as her non-answers to questions.? Megan you have not always been kind to people who question you and have accused them of being malicious.? I have nothing against you or your company; I am just an agent here in Las Vegas who is looking for answers.? I would love to sign up with your company if I was confident that it could work, but I need more information before I part with my money.? I think you could really silence the naysayers with more information.? I am really not trying to be difficult; I am just a business woman who is asking for answers to business questions.
With that said, here are my questions for you:
1.??? Could you please post the names and background of the key managers of the company as that would make real estate agents lot less skeptical?? ?Most legitimate companies have an ?About Us? page.
2.??? Why does your website have a link to First American Home Warranty?? It doesn?t work.
3.??? Does First American know you have them on your website?? I asked one of the VP?s here in Las Vegas about your company and he had never heard of you.
4.??? Why are so many of the links on the website not working?
5.??? Why are your contracts with the banks confidential?? National Default Services lists all of the banks on their website, as do other asset management companies.
I and many other agents out there thank you for your help.? ?

Why are you so DEFENSIVE?Megan. If your company is really legit show the proof that you really have REO’s and not merely trying to sell your esign product. My fellow Realtors, Go with the legit companies like IAS, PAS, FAS, First American REO, GOODMAN DEAN, OCWEN, REOWORLD, CAMREO, REOTRANS, RES.NET, ETC. Don’t spend your money with new company that don’t really have connections or REO Assets. Lots of scammers out there trying to get the poor Realtors’ money. Please sell your product? somewhere else… PLEASE , PLEASE. Realtors are in hard time not and not to taken advantage of.

Megan, you should be ashamed of yourself?? I have been reading your posts on every REO forum out there for several months, you have always had the time to tout?ABF, forgive me if I call Bullsh**!? The first time?someone asks you a ?real question about ABF that should be easily answered you use the old “I’m too busy now” line.? Shame on you and ABF.? Apparently it’s time to get out of the fake REO business.? I hope all of the Realtors who have paid you their hard earned money in good faith?either get the answers to my questions or a refund of the money they trusted you with.??There should be a law against?people like you and ABF.

Hi Twinsmom,
Thanks for your input…I’ve been thinking about signing up with them.? I met with them?earlier this year. Just to correct an earlier post their office location is in?the city of Corona del Mar, CA,?which is one of?the most expensive zip codes in Orange County.??I didn’t sign up back then just because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take to receive a listing… ?Anyway,?are you currently signed up with them??You seem really invested in the?claims you are making.? You seem to have done your homework and I’d like to know more about your experience.? I wouldn’t have categorized them as being a scam, so I am just looking for any more?info?at this point.

I appreciate your observations and input.? No, I am not signed up with ABF.? I was genuinely hoping that they were exactly what they said they were, but the more I read and researched, and the more this Megan tried to spin the company, the shadier the whole thing looked.? In one post Megan alleged that the company had thousands of foreclosure listings and short sale listing, if so who has them and why aren?t they singing their praises?? I have not heard one agent say they have received a listing.? What are they doing with the thousands they have? ?So many agents were dazzled by the promises, with no regard for the facts that I just had to speak my mind and ask for real information.? It incensed me that Megan, who had so much to say before my post, refused to even acknowledge my post or concerns. ?I found it very hard to believe that this was a real company with a representative who would behave in such a way on a public forum.? She could have quashed any doubts about her company with just some honest answers.? Instead she acted exactly like someone who has nothing to back up her claims.? I know you said that you have met with them, but there is no way to verify much about them, I can?t find an address for them in Corona Del Mar.? If that?s where they do business then why can?t I or anyone else find them?? They are not listed with an address anywhere except for the California Secretary of State and that address for the company is a private home on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, is that being paid for by the agents who so far haven?t received anything from this company but a bill?? Where are they really located at?? Who are these people and what are their credentials?? Until someone can give me answers to those questions, I will continue to warn agents everywhere I can.? What is it that they have to hide if they are on the up and up?? If I were in their position, I would do everything I could to clear my good name if someone had the wrong impression about me or my company, but they haven?t spoken up at all to prove me wrong. ??This just reeks of scam and if I am proved wrong, I will personally stop by their offices and apologize.?

Vicki (twinsmom),
Looks to me?you have no real proof you are just guessing and making accusations.? I just looked you up, Vicki Smith?ReMax, Las Vegas (you posted the same thing on Trulia) and I’m guessing you are an agent like so many of us that?are in need of business?and that’s why you have the time for this personal vendetta???I’m thinking that’s why?you have so much time on your hands to post about a company,?personal attacks about someone,?and?you don’t even have?any association with this company.??Your posts speak volumes about you.? Maybe they are just ignoring you, I know I would be.

Hey Jennifer, I am not sure what your connection with this company is, but apparently you have one, if you didn?t why would you take your valuable time to even acknowledge what I have to say.? I have not tried to hide my identity as you have with your anonymous posting (most of the pro ABF postings are anonymous, except for Megans)?and you are right about my posting on trulia.? I have also posted it on REOPRO and a couple of other forums.? It?s just my opinion.? Who are you and why do you care what I think?? I just think this company is a rip off and if they weren’t they would try to prove it.? Silence is the worst answer when confronted with questions. You lose credibility?when you won’t come forward with answers.? I have no “personal” vendetta, personal would require me to know someone from this company, and I don?t know anyone, I just hate to see fellow realtors get ripped off.? You seem to be making assumptions and have not done your homework or you would know that I own a RE/MAX and do not work as an agent.? I work as an owner and when one of my agents asked me to check out this business to see if they should sign up for it, that is just what I did.? I was doing my job for my agent.? This is just a forum, where agents share information and opinions.? If you were really objective about this you would have clearly seen that my first email was just asking questions and clarification.? Can you give me answers to my questions?? I would be happy to hear from anyone with proof that this company is real. Best Regards, Vicki ?

ABF used to be an approved supplier for EXIT Realty Corp but after a lot of agents complained to the corporate office, they were dropped as an approved supplier. The whole Exit Offices were supposed to benefit from these what they said REO rollouts that?never came. Now they are trying to sell it to everybody and all agents who have no clue if they would really get those listings. I think ABF is more intent on selling their esign software rather than giving these REO assets, which I doubt if they really have them.

Thanks you so much for backing up my fears about this company.? They have tried to attack me on other forums saying that I have some kind of vendetta.? I just couldn’t find anything that proved they were real, so I asked questions and they have not responded even once.? I feel bad for anyone who trusted this company with their hard earned money, and am thankful that I didn’t.

i have called my local bank and have gotten a list. This is very simple to get.

Looking for properties to list for company office location lanham Md 20706 can you help.