Vendors working for REO Property Preservation Companies


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get REO Property Preservations co’s to email or call our firm for repairs?

Some say call them and get on their vendor list. Others say that is a waste of time (they never respond) and to advertise on sites they go to. (which sites?)
Anyone have some suggestions?


Hi Jerry,
There are a few asset preservation companies out there (LPS, Field Assets, Safeguard). In many cases these asset preservation companies are conducting occupancy status checks to watch for vacant properties. When they find a vacant property they will typically post a notice on the door. A little field work in checking vacant foreclosed homes in your area will tell you which companies are doing a ton of business in your area and tell you where you should focus your efforts.
Another “side door” idea would be to contact your local code enforcement agency. These banks and asset preservation companies are working closely with the code enforcement folks to make sure that the vacant properties are not assessed huge fines for violations. Most code enforcement officers know which lenders work with which asset preservation companies. I say this is a “side door” idea because you are going to have to get to know your code enforcement officers and that could take a little time and effort.


Please call Coast 2 Coast Lawn Care google it… and say I&D Landscaping Inc. send you


United Field Services is looking for property preservation vendors! You can apply here:


Only call this company (Coast 2 Coast Lawn Care) if you are looking for work or can donate 100% of your time. $30 to cut an acre sized piece of property…??? Not worth it to us.


Sentinel Field Services, Inc. started nearly a decade ago with the vision of providing top of the line asset preservation and maintenance services. We are always looking to expand upon our network of quality vendors. We provide preservation and maintenance services to residential properties throughout 17 states and are still growing. The physical completion and documentation of this work is performed by our network of highly trained vendors. Anyone interested in becoming a vendor for Sentinel must have the ability to complete all of the below services:Yard MaintenanceDebris/Hazard Removal and Trash-out ServicesJanitorial ServicesLock Work and SecuringGeneral RepairWeatherization over 2,000 feet onlyTake digital photos and send via email**It is preferred that vendors have knowledge of building codes and guidelines**If you are interested in joining our team as a vendor, DO NOT REPLY TO THIS AD. PLEASE VISIT OUR COMPANY WEBSITE: to apply.Pay is per job, not hourly


You can apply at their site directly. My neighbor got picked up by a in state firm “synergy solutions”. He has worked for them from that day on. This firm gave him LPS, safeguard, MCS accounts to cover. He did it by posting on craigs list. offering to mow lawns and till gardens. I posted on craigs list for tree removal, snow removal, lawn, painting ect. I got hired by an out of state firm “Capital City FS”. The FS stands for field service. So the only people I know in this field personal is him and myself. We both did it by posting on craigs list. Now my company offered me Core Logic, M&M and MCS accounts. So there are many ways…just do them all and you WILL find a company to work with…Remember you dont work from them. You work for you


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They key is to call them to on a regular basis.? It shows you are interested and really are eager.? I know that here at Safeguard we are looking for quality, reliable vendors.?

???If you are interested in doing any of these, please complete the (SHORT) questionnaire at the link does not work, please, copy and paste it into your browser).?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!?

Michelle Smith

Vendor Recruiter

Safeguard Properties

O: 800.852.8306 EXT 1375



I am a vendor working out of Missouri. If I can assist anyone please give me a call or email me at 573/210/8444 on call 24-7 . Counties we cover ?St. Louis, Washington, Franklin, Perry, Iron, Cape, Madison, Crawford looking to expand.?


Spectrum Home Services , looking for REO jobs in the northern Virginia areas.

Email us:


We are C and W out of Atlanta we provide professional on time property preservation services to our clients everytime. If any Reo or asset management company needs service feel to call 404-839-2477.