List of Foreclosure Investors in California

Hi There - my name is Daniel and I am a Real Estate Note Svc specialist. I have worked with Foreclosure investor on helping to liquidate a Note that the investor did create in order to sell their investment property faster. I would like to get a list of individual private foreclosure investors and I was try to find out where can I get it. I am in CA but work nationwide. The answer can be sent to me at

Working with foreclosure investors is a great way to help foreclosure investors receive large amounts of cash fast so they can turn around and buy more foreclosures. If any foreclosure investor wants to buy more homes, they should create a note for their properities and then sell their note to a note investor. Daniel and I are very familiar in this area and can assist whenever possible. I work in Orange county, NY but like Daniel, I too can and do work will investors nationwide. visit or email me at for more details. Best of luck.

I heard a good buzz about foreclosure investors… I wanted to try California

Hope everbody has a good Christmas and a better New Year. My name is Fred and I am a Real Estate Note Provider. I’m currently trying to network with Foreclosure investors and trying to help them liquidate a Note that the investor did create in order to sell their investment property faster. I’ve streamed lined the process with my own website. An investor can fill out their information and I can start the process of Selling there Property. My website is - I would also like a list of Investors if possible.
Thank You

Hey, Ryan checking in here just looking for a list of foreclosure investors. I am in the real estate note business just tying to offer professional services to investors so they can sell properties faster. Everyone that reads this comment check out my web site.

Hello Everyone, my name is Stephanie and I have been working with foreclosure investors on the east coast for more than a year and have decided to broaden my note business to the west coast. I am looking for a list of foreclosure investors to network with. My website is

Hi team, Maico Direct ,Inc is an ALL cash investment firm acquiring distressed properties throughout Cali and nationwide. Please email me @ if you like to see our projects we have. In addition, I would like to purchase any properties in CA.

Hello everyone,
While we no longer invest with buyers, we do have private capital that we can use to refinance properties purchased at auction. We have some of the most competitive rates around, so buyers and investors can increase their volume. Please email or call me with any questions: 805.484.7800 or

Hi everyone,
My name is Brandi and I also work with notes. I have a list of 1000’s of reputable buyers that want any and all notes. I typically will have an offer for you with in 72 hours. If interested or you know someone who is, please contact me at 443-975-2716 or Thank you!

Hi There - my name is Eugene and I am a Real Estate Note Svc specialist. I have worked with Foreclosure investor on helping to liquidate a Note that the investor did create in order to sell their investment property faster. I would like to work with any investor
Nationwide if you have foreclosures that you would like to liquidate.
You can list any property on my website and I will be in contact with
You soon.

Thank You.

Hi I’m looking for foreclosure investors that created a note and are wanting to liquidate it. I will help you find an interested buyer in no time!!! Please feel free and contact me via email or at (915) 731-9180!!

My name is Cuco & I am looking for trustee sales investors looking to invest in the San Francisco 9 Bay Area Counties. I have 21years researching & assisting foreclosure investors in buying properties @ 45-70% below today’s current market value! Call me @ 1-888-735-3122 & ask for Cuco. E-mail

Hello Cuco, My name is Christa Holder. I was wondering if you buy forclosure property? I would like to offer a free,no-obligation quote to you if you have any property that you would like to liquidate. Please feel free to contact me at or check out my website at I hope to be able to work with you in the very near future.

Hello George, My name is Christa Holder. I would like to work with you and your team @ Maico Direct. I am a note service specialist and I would like to offer you a free, no-obligation quote on any notes that have been created by you or any member of the Maico Direct team. You may e-mail me at or feel free to check out my business website at www.cash4cashflows./cholder4. Thank You! Christa Holder

Cuco, I am looking for foreclosure investors who are working directly with homeowners facing foreclosure. I have a financial rebuilding program that helps homeowners to let go of the property and focus on putting themselves in a better financial position than they were before they bought the home they are losing to foreclosure. It creates an income stream for the investor too! Can you help me to connect to investors? Thanks for your time, Andrea Hare

I wanted to get in contact with your firm to offer our services. We work with property managers, investors and portfolio managers who have investment if foreclosed properties both commercial and residential. We have a team of advisors and experts who will manage the rehabilitation of your investment property from conception to sale. We are located in Chicago and its suburbs.

Our team offers a variety of excellent services from:

  1. Sales Cleans

Trash outs

Board ups

Exterior Paint

Interior paint



Kitchens and bathrooms



On-site dumpster

Lawn maintenance and snow removal

Plus much, much more?

Our objective is complete property preservation and maintenance for our investors to secure the value in their investment properties!

We have developed relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry form ISN to the U.S. Marshals. Simply give us a call and allow us to explore your needs together to bring value to your investment. Communication is our number one focus and our contractors are licensed, insured and highly experienced in this field.

Thank you
Ryan Garcilazo