TCS Foreclosures

TCS Foreclosures is one of the best things that ever happened in my life.? They ARE a legitimate training opportunity.?? They have a positive outlook and are caring about all the people they surround themselves with.? What a shame so many people have twisted whatever make TCS Foreclosures seem like a scam.? (I can’t figure out how to post to the proper area on this blog.)? From K.B.

Kb, tell me more. I am curious as I did attend an Open House at TCS.

KB from MD, I have been a member of TCS for almost two years now, and I will come right out and say that I was scammed by them. TCS promised me services through marketing and contracts that they did not and do not provide. I’ve handled my discrepancy with them professionally, but they have certainly not reciprocated. So, I took the case to court and obtained a Judgement against them. It was actually quite easy because the Judge clearly agreed that they promote services that they do not provide.

What’s funny to me is that since I’ve obtained that judgement, I’ve been in contact with three ex-employees of theirs and they all joke about what a joke it was! One of them was on the sales staff, and the other two at Executive levels. One even gave me a sworn statement to support my case in court, which was pretty cool.

So, I encourage your optimism with your distressed RE interests. Just know that the people with a ‘twisted’ perspective of TCS really do have a leg to stand on. There’s a lot of us, and we’re simply just trying to educate others as to what the company is really about because we were burned by them!

Hi, Jeff. I went through the same BS and they scammed me out of $7500 which I have yet to get back cause i’m told they are out of business and no one will talk to me or call me. Any suggestions or the lawyer you used would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam

There have also been recommendations to check out the reviews and information at?