Street name address different on deed than actual current street name ?

Ok, Looking at a property and on foreclosure radar the street name is totally different than the actual current street address (most likely city changed the name of the streets). The APN number shows the correct map location of the property and the property details match the correct property address. So, my question is that should i be concerned about this since the APN is correct and matches the property that i expressing my interest. Thank you

HI Mac,
Obviously accuracy is very important to us at ForeclosureRadar. Please feel free to email us the APN/Address and we would be happy to have our research team review this record.
It is very important to note that when you are buying a property at Trustee Sale you are buying the lien position of the property as outlined on the recorded Deed of Trust. In order to verify the property secured by the Deed of Trust you would want to pull a copy of the Deed of Trust and examine the legal description. This is the only way to confirm the property that is actually in foreclosure.

I’m not sure what fields you’re looking at on Foreclosure Radar, (Location?) so I won’t try to answer that aspect of your question. And “yes,” property addresses can change. The APN can also change, most commonly after new construction on a lot and/or following the division or consolidation of multiple lots.

One important “cross check” step is to confirm the lot/location/boundary of the property you’re targeting. If there is any question, then you need to look closely at the property’s legal description, which contained in the deed of trust (DOT) going to trustee sale. The legal description verbiage is sometimes an attachment to the deed of trust and is typically is found in the final few pages of the DOT. The legal description will outline the property’s boundaries (e.g. beginning at point A and ending at point B) and may include the subdivision name + city/county file number(s), book & page, etc. If there is more than one parcel involved you will often see each APN described in separate paragraphs.

Since you are buying the lender’s interest in that DOT, it’s “mission critical” to know exactly what property is covered, or not covered, under that DOT.