Re-Recorded Trust Deed

I recently purchased a property that was purchased with 100% 1st and 2nd loans. A few weeks after the sale and recording of the deed and two trust deeds, the 1st was “re-recorded” to correct a date error in the notary. The NTS sited both the original TD and the re-recorded TD. The Trustee’s deed also referred to both. So, My concern and question is, did re-recording the 1st to correct an error change the priority? Obviously the lender and trustee knew about the problem becuase they referred to both documents in the NOD, NTS and Trustee’s deed.

I doubt it would affect priority, but I’d run it by the title officer at your title co, or an attorney to be sure.

I recently purchase a cash deal sale for property that was foreclosed on that has one pin but 2 houses on lot the deed only reflects the main home and has to be re recorded to state the other address also known as , how do. I go about doing that ?

I wouldn’t worry about it. The LEGAL description along with the APN is what governs. Normally, the common address, at least in Ca. and some other states, is not even put on the Deed. You are required, in Ca. to put the APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number on the Deed in order for the recorder to accept it.

I agree with Mike. And if it is a single parcel with 2 addresses (very possible), then what you may want to look into is doing a lot split so that you can sell each house separately. On this stuff address is meaningless… only the postman cares. APN only matters when it comes to taxes. But legal description is everything… while almost no one checks it, if you buy a foreclosure that has the wrong address for the legal – you actually get whatever the legal description describes regardless of the address.