subordination recorded

  • trust deed recorded 1/1/2004
    • trust deed recorded 1/1/2005 book 5984 page 720

Actually, the 2004 DT could have agreed to be junior to the 2005 DT at any time - even years after the 2005 DT recorded.
In this case the 2004 DT subordinated at the same time the 2005 DT recorded. If you look at the docs you will see the docs recorded under the same escrow (concurrently).

Mike, thanks for your answer. Although you didn’t actually say “Yes”, the 2005 DT is senior, I believe that’s what you implied. Correct? Thanks, Joan

Yes - under the above scenario, the 2005 DT is senior to the 2004 DT.

Thanks Mike, for your answer and your time. Joan