Talk to previous owner before get trustee's deed (after the sale)

I understand that I cannot serve the previous owner 3 days notice to quit before I get the Trustee’s Deed, but I am thinking about talk to the previous owner, because that will save me 10 days, and I would know in advance that it is going to be a smooth transaction or not. If not, I can get a lawyer right away after I get the deed.
Also, those pre-legals and law offices will send post-card and letter to the previous owners (telling them that they can stay the house for free for 4-5 month). If I talk to previous owner right away, I could have saved myself the trouble later on.

Any comments??

Please advise the Cons.

Thanks in advance.

You can meet with the owner prior to getting the deed. I generally think that contacting the occupants ASAP is good. Let them know that their property was sold to a 3rd party and not the bank. Find out what their moving plans are. If they seem vague, make a cash for keys offer and see where that goes. If you sense resistance or they are missleading you, you can serve them a 3 day notice before you have the deed. You need to have the deed before you file the UD suit.