I’m new to this business and am wondering where I might go to find some good training or education on just how to purchase foreclosures so I don’t lose my shirt. I’ve purchased investment properties before but haven’t done too well.


Hi Ryan,
I had the pleasure of spending time last week with Bruce and Aaron of The Norris Group TNG is hands down one of the best resources for real estate investing. They have several training events and other resources to assist you. I am absolutely a card carrying member of their fan club.

Hi Ryan,
For real estate related education I will recommend you from Leplap institute.
Hope it will help you.


I also strongly recommend The Norris Group for buying foreclosures is particular and all systemes for buying profitably in general. I also stornglt recommend Tony Alavarez for buying through the MLS. These two sources are honest and make their money primarily through investing, not education. Start with them. There are a lot of con artists in real estate “education” who will really only give you an education about the need to avoid con artists! Good luck.

In other similar requests Sean has recommended looking at? trying to figure out which education programs are worth anything. ?It provides reviews on many of the real estate gurus and programs out there.