Which school or training program is the best to use to get educated or certified?

Hello. I am just starting to get into the distressed property business. I have listed a short sale and I am also doing lots of BPO’s. I would like to dive into REO’s but I am a little nervous to do so without proper education. I have been searching online sites and the different programs and Certifications and I am overwhelmed and unsure which to choose. I am leaning towards ForeclosureU and getting the CFS Certification. Has anyone done this course? Is the designation widely recognized? Would you recommend something else?
Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to spend $300 and find out I could have done something better.

It is a great question - I’d like to hear folks impressions of the courses they have attendend, so folks, please post.
Last year I attended a seminar by frontlineseminars.com as a guest and found Lance to be knowledgeable and more substance than hype. Beyond that I had a great mentor which allowed me to bypass the usual route of books and seminars.

Check out Five Star Institute or Defaul School. Don’t go with online systems. They are not good and not even recognize by most Asset Management Co’s. Five Star or Real Estate Educate is the way to go.

Give me a call at 805-938-1340 or 805-922-0501 and I can give you some information on some things I have been doing for this.
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CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert is the best program I have found after taking about 5 Short Sale courses. They are rapidly expanding and doing the right things. They are building a community and just launched their website where information is shared like this forum.
Basically, it?is a 2 day course (similar to the one Sean talked about from Lance, who is very knowledgable) and there is a one time per month conference call where information is updated. I joined their Advanced group for $99 extra per month and get two additional calls and extra marketing and other support.
This is also the fastest growing real estate designation. At the end of the year they had 1,500 members and now have 7,500 - what is imporatant about that is their ability to get quality product in our hands and work with banks as they get large enough - This is by far the best Short Sale training course and community.
If you want to sign up you can go thru http://www.cdpe.com/bro?- There is a $100 discount built in - I belive the course, one year of calls and website access is $599 and $499 thru that link which is sponsor by By Referral Only/ Joe Stumpf - who is my Real Esatate and Lending coach - (just to be clear - I get no money for this - I am simply a raving fan of CDPE and By Referral Only).

Does anyone know if www.cdpe.com/bro is a reconized certification reconizable by most Asset Management Co’s

Has anyone tried to be Equator certified? Does it really help? Or just another place for Realtors to spend money. thanks

It is my understanding that the “leads” that “may” be distributed for short sales with come through Equator. This will be similar to BPO requests and REO assignments. Now that B of A and GMAC are using this system and we hear that Wells Fargo may sign on with Equator it may be worth your while to get certified. Not only that but but form what I have seen it is not necessarily an easy program to use and if you intend to do any short sales with the above mentioned lenders you will want to know how to navigate the site. That said, I always suggest doing your research before you spend any money.

I personally have bought everything Foreclosureu.com has sold; including the Certified Foreclosure Specialist course and more recently their mortgage late leads. I can say without reservation I would not be in business today without them.

I have heard great things about the BPOandREOinstitute.com. Mike and Chuck are both active brokers and practice what they teach.