Trustee auction seminar or training


Hello all

I would like to have an hand-on training, seminar or classes about the Trustee auction in California, preferable in Orange County area, please let me know where or who I should contact.? Please help, thanks


? ? I think a competitor of Foreclosure Radar gives online seminars. ?Their service as far as giving foreclosure info pales by comparison to what you get here. ?I don’t think it would be proper to give their name, here, tho.


Much can be learned by reading through the many Auction Sales forum posts. You might also view some of the past (recorded webinars) & attend forthcoming Property Radar webinars. >

See also the guides and tutorials?




? ?Danny - ?Didn’t know there ?was all this info provided by our hosts, right here!


Hello all

Thank you very much for your information and advices.