Trustee misspells its own name on deed and other documents

Another typo question: could the validity of a Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale be affected in any way if a trustee misspelled in its own name (adding one extra letter) in the sentence of the TDUS stating that it’s transferring its rights in the property (but its name is spelled correctly at the signature line and in the notary paragraph)?

What if the trustee misspelled its own name (same extra letter) at the top of a NOD or NTS where the documents state who requested the recording and where they should be mailed after recording (but the trustee name is spelled correctly in the body of the document and the signature line)?

What if the trustee leaves out the “, LLC” (which is part of its full legal name) in parts of certain documents (e.g., NOD, NTS, TDUS), but includes it in other parts of those same documents?

To my surprise, I’ve seen quite a few typos such as the above in a trustee name and/or the name of a borrower. I’m assuming that in most cases, such seemingly trivial issues are either never noticed or ignored, but I’d like to know whether people have ever successfully challenged a foreclosure in CA on such a basis. Ideally, there would be some clear precedent against such challenges.

Hi LS,
It is doubtful that a sale would be rescinded based on a typo in the trustees name.