using a land trust to vest property bought at trustee auction

have heard about using land trusts and title holding trusts as a way to aquire/vest property that was just bought…have heard it is a “poor mans” version of assest protection in the sense that it keeps?the owners?name off of public record…must have a trustee to handle everything of course but is it all true???
does it really work just that easy??
does the trustees holding the auction allow it??
do they (auction guy/trustte for the banks) or the banks themselves?even really care who buys???
?have heard recent stories of ppl buying their own?homes at auction for half of what they had owed on it before using a land trust…fact or fiction?
thnx for sharing your experience/wisdom with us sean :slight_smile:

I have always felt land trusts feel shady and therefore have avoided them myself. That said I know a lot of folks swear by them. I question their ability to really protect assets, but that is a question you’d be better off directing to an attorney.
If you buy a property at auction you can have it vest any way you like. No issue there at all.

I am also curious, has anyone bought at a TS and indicated a land trust (also called title holding trust) for vesting? Would you share your experience?

For example, can you create the Trust without the property address?
If your (land-trust) trustee is in a different state, are you able to ask the auctioneer to mail the deed to a different address than on you indicate in the vesting so you can record it in time ?
Do you record a certificate of Trust (not the Trust Agreement, but a document stating the trust is valid and who the Trustee is)?


PS: to pitch in here, Land Trusts give you privacy if done right, but not (or very little) asset protection. You need to pick a trustee that is ideally not in your county, does not have the same last name, and is trustworthy. LLCs as we all know give you decent asset protection especially if it’s operating a real business. The most cost-effective form of protection i’ve found so far (for small investors) is the umbrella insurance. around $300/yr for 1mio protection. Trusts start around $400 year 1 and then possibly $100/yr, and LLCs (well in California) are around 900/yr.

The auctioneers I have knowledge of have no concern
about where the deed is sent.

The form asks for three address’s,
one for where the refund (if any) goes,
one for the buyer lives and
one for where the deed is to be sent.

The bene’s and trustee companies seem
to have little to no interest in these items.