Vacancy check

At what point can I consider a house vacant?
Bought a house today that I?ve been scouting for several days. Blinds are shut tight so I?ve left notes, I?ve called, knocked with no response at all. Spoke to the neighbors and they said there might be somebody there but they never see them. So at what point can I change the locks and enter?

Hi Steve,
I spoke to a seasoned auction investor and he said that if they have attempted to make contact and they believe the property is vacant they would go ahead and gain entry and assess if it appears that someone is living in the house. If you want to take the cautious approach you can post a notice of belief of abandonment and leave your contact information along with your intent to change the locks at a certain date and time. If you are not contacted by the occupant then you can assume that the property has been abandoned.

Thanks Michelle!
Now if I do enter the home and there are personal items left do you know long I?m to keep them before discarding them?

Hi Steve,
If the value (garage sale value) of all of the personal property left behind is greater than $300 then you must give notice and hold the property for 15 days. If you are contacted by the tenant/owner then they would need to pay for the storage of the property. This is typically calculated based on the rent value of the property or the fees to pack, transport and store the property at a storage facility.