What happens if you bought a house with personal property left inside?

What should we do? We purchased a house from the auction last week. However, it has someone’s personal belongings inside. We spoke to the neighbors next door and they said that the person past away maybe a couple months ago. Thanks

Hi Chris,
Disposition of property rules can vary from county to county and can be based on statute, case law, or custom.
You can post a notice of belief of abandonment and leave the property on site for the required time period and then proceed with auctioning off the items.
You can also move the personal property to a storage facility after posting the notice of belief of abandonment and then auction off the property. If you decide to move and store the property make sure that you take photos and inventory all of the belongings.
Depending on the value of the contents you may want to consult with an attorney in your area that can advise you on the timeframes in your area.

Thanks Michelle