Washington vs. California

I have bought somewhere in the range of 500-800 deals at the steps in California over the last 4 years, but i recently ventured up into the state of Washington. We bought one last week and my question is this:

What time frame do i need to get the trustee’s deed recorded? in CA we make sure they get recorded within 15 days of the trustee sale. is there a formula like that in Washington? I would really love some help from anyone who has dealt with Washington before, because just reading thru the Washington page on Radar’s website is making my head numb!



ha, actually i just found it plain as day on the Washington page. looks like same 15 day window.

please if anyone knows i am incorrect, correct me. thanks!


2924(h)c of the Ca. Civil Code refers to the “15 days” you guys are talking about. The idea at the time it was passed about 10-15 years ago was to try and get around being tied up by a bk. filed right after the sale. It has always been questionable whether a state law can over-ride Federal law.
Each state, whether judicial or non-judicial fcl. - has its own rules. This particular rule is rather meaningless.

I mainly have bought in Ca. over the decades. I did buy in Wa. for a year or two. Don’t know about the last 4 or 5 years, but before that, fcl. sales were always on Fridays.
I never have known what diff. it made, anywhere, when the Deed recorded - unless you need to do so to get possession by filing a UD action. In the few properties I wasn’t going to market right away, I often would hold up recording - sometimes for a couple years or more.