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Welcome to the community dedicated to helping data-driven real estate professionals and home services businesses drive opportunity. Home to the Data Driven Real Estate Podcast.

We’ve got a lot of amazing customers and followers and hope this give you all a place to come and share ideas, best practices and success stories. We also hope that you’ll use it to help each other by asking and answering questions. Of course our support team will always be a great place to get help on using our product, but it never hurts to get ideas from the community too.

We first created this forum in 2008 when we were only providing foreclosure data and marketing services, so you’ll find a lot of content on those topics. We actually believe it remains one of the deepest brain trusts on foreclosure investing on the internet, with many posts by individuals that were some of the most successful foreclosure investors of all time.

As the foreclosure market slowed down, we broadened our services to also be a top property information provider, and today the go to solution for targeted local marketing to property owners. As such, you’ll find categories on everything from simply using our service, to small business marketing. We hope you find it all as valuable and informative as we do.