What does $0 in winning bid mean?

Hello Sean and staff, I want to say that this program has been instrumental and I’m very grateful. My question is what does the $0 in winning bid mean? Thanks

Hi Calicene,

When you see $0 as the winning bid on ForeclosureRadar, this means that either the winning bid was not offered by the Trustee or that our Researchers were not able to get the winning bid for other reasons.? This does NOT mean that the winning bid was zero dollars.

You can typically find the winning bid in our Transaction History Details after the Trustee’s Deed has been recorded.? If you need some assistance finding the Transaction History Details, please email support@foreclosureRadar.com and we can help you out.

Hi Patrice, thanks for the response. I do understand the winning bid does not mean zero dollars, but does this mean the the property went back to the bank or did 3rd party win the bid process but does not know the winning amount? Thanks, Calicene