What is your phone number I would like to speak to a...

What is your phone number I would like to speak to a person.

Hello Avi - We don’t offer inbound phone support. But if you Contact Us using the contact form at ForeclosureRadar, and include your phone number and question, we’d be happy to call you.

Wow, where do people get off with the attitudes?

Hi Paul, If you have ever reached out to our support team via email you know that we are very responsive. We also call back right away when necessary. We not only emailed Karen but we also talked on the phone as well. If you eve have a question we encourage you to email us and try out our customer service!!

I run a business as well. I just can’t believe people expect this sort of response with what is already a GREAT price on a very ROBUST software platform and service provided. I personally would tell them to take a hike. You guys just keep doing what you are doing.

Thanks Paul! I thought you were commenting on our telephone policies. We appreciate the the kind words!!!

Did people not respect the phone numbers before?

What is the problem not? I do not understand.

Hi James, We do not typically offer phone support. We are always happy to call you if your question cannot be easily answered by email. You will find our support team is very responsive to all email requests. If you prefer to ask a question over the phone please let us know the best phone number to call and the best time to reach you and we will give you a call.

Yes, tell me if there are phone numbers in the request? I know we use to get phone numbers when they were avaliable. It was about
20% of the time.

Hi Jim, It was great chatting with you on the phone earlier today. We are always happy to give you a call if your question cannot be answered by email. We do provide phone numbers on our site for the owners of record when available through the county records. You can search for those records that have phone numbers by going to the Property tab and selecting Phone Numbers-YES. When available the number will appear on the property details page in the current owner field. We also provide you links to Google, Zaba, White pages, PIPL and Intellus so that it is easy for you to search for a phone number. We do not scrub these numbers through the Do Not Call list.

Isnt it funny you can’t get a phone number for foreclosure radar? The always side step the question lol

Hi Roy, We find that email is the fastest way to resolve and answer most problems. We are very happy to call you if your question cannot be easily answered by email. We talk to folks on the phone all day. If there is something that I can do for you specifically please feel free to email me at michelle@foreclosureradar.com and I would be happy to give you my direct line.

I recently tried your service on a short trial basis and now see that I am being billed for your services. I am recovering from radical prostate cancer surgery and after 34 years have placed my license on ice. Contact me at 702-598-3774 early morning is best.

Hi Rod, It was great chatting with you on the phone. We were happy to be able to help you out. We sent an email confirming our conversation. As discussed, the subscription automatically starts at the end of the trial unless canceled. When you register for the free trial you are required to check a box that explains how this works. We also send this information in the welcome email. You can cancel at any time during the free trial and still have access for the full term of the trial but the subscription will not automatically start. You can cancel online by logging in and going to MyAccount and clicking on the Billing tab. You can also email us at support@foreclosureradar.com and we can handle that for you and send over a confirmation of cancellation. Although our support hours are M-F we do check emails on the weekends and we honor cancellation requests on the date that the email was sent. We wish you the best in your recovery and hope to see you again soon.