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What's the most effective B2B marketing strategies for targeting small, local businesses?


What’s the most effective B2B marketing strategies for targeting small, local businesses?


Outbound Techniques:

  1. Cold Emailing/Calling: Cold emailing and cold calling are an effective way to generate leads for any B2B startup. Be it to promote your content, new features/updates, new events, etc., you can use cold emailing/calling to reach your prospects and put out your content in front of them.

  2. Display ads: Try some display ads and PPC ads. With display ads (Facebook ads, Instagram, etc.) you can target your message to prospects in a particular demographic or with particular behaviors. You can also retarget prospects who have visited any of your pages but didn’t sign up.

  3. Lead Generation Tools

Inbound Techniques:

  1. Content and SEO: Creating great content that provides extremely valuable information to your prospects is the foundation for inbound lead generation. Search engines rank content that provides value highly and hence there is a high chance of you being found in organic searches provided your content is also optimized for SEO. Most of your outbound efforts are often linked with the content that you generate, so this is something important where you need to spend time and effort.

  2. Promotion Sites/Social Media

  3. Webinars/Podcasts: Podcasts and webinars are becoming increasingly important. You can reach out to influencers and other companies who complement your product to find new leads.

  4. Referrals/Integrations: Create a great product so that you can integrate with other companies and vice versa.

  5. Using PPC ads (google, yahoo, etc): An effective way to generate leads where you need to bid on a particular keyword for which you want to be displayed for organic search. You can also use these to retarget your prospects.


Cool! Thank u hailey. I work for a landscaping business that wants to grow (ha ha). I’m researching our marketing options and I will definitely look into some of these. We’re just starting with postcards


That’s great! Postcards are an awesome personalized way to reach a local niche effectively. Here is a good community discussion about letters and postcards.

Best of luck!