Postcards or letters? Which is better?


Hi I’m getting ready to do my first campaign to try and generate some leads. I’m wondering if postcards are better than letters?

What's the most effective B2B marketing strategies for targeting small, local businesses?

Congrats. Getting into direct mail is fun!

So there’s no “better” - just different strategies that depend more on where your priorities are with regards to time, money, market intelligence, and experience. And what gets you excited.

Some things that do matter:

Emphasising upfront investment or effort in targeting the right prospects saves you the expense of sending direct mail to the wrong prospects. Far too much money is spent sending to the wrong prospects.

Better targeting also makes it easier to craft messaging that resonates with the recipients. Make it more about them, less about you.

You can invest those savings in:

  1. Multiple mailings to that smaller targeted list of prospects. Frequency is as important as the targeting itself. Hence “campaign” - multiple mailings over time…because timing is everything.

  2. The ability to A/B test multiple mailings for improving the creative and messaging.

  3. Investing in professional help with design, messaging, and delivery optimization.

  4. Reaching those prospects across multiple channels, or setting up a means to capture response electronic for online retargeting.

Often, the targeting is not as difficult as navigating the nuances of crafting creative designing direct mail and that stands out and connects with those prospects with the right message.

The best bet when getting started is to make small bets as you learn the process, gain experience, insights, and results. 10x to 100 with 2x creatives is better than 1x to 1000. 1x doesn’t provide you experience, insights, and results.

Hope that helps!


Great info. Thanks David!