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where can I purchase sf reo pools in excess of 100m

we are tired of chasing tapes and doing DD only to find most of the assets are not available-

Yes, I tried chasing pools for a bit too. Very frustrating. I am hearing of bulk deals getting done, but only with investors who have past experience buying pools, and only for pools that are national and include some real junk. I have some thoughts on getting smaller deals done in the $5-10M range, feel free to use the contact form at if interested.

Yes, If you are looking for pools of quantifiable deals, I have one. contact steve at above address. Maj transactions happening weekly.

What’s the contact info for Steve?

Steve, Do you have access to REO pools in the 5-7 range? Would need to be geographic specific ie. East Bay or Oakland for an example.

I am a direct to the seller’s rep. Let me know what you need and I can get you. I sell nationwide. Email me.

Whats your email address susan?

Susan, 3 Clients 1. Looking for SFR in the Sacramento area, can buy in bulk up to 5 million per transaction. 2. Looking for Multifamily (bank owned) in Sacramento 3. Looking for Industrial in Henderson Nevada, only 1 building between 8-12,000sft.

Here is my email:

Hello Steve, I just logged on to Foreclosure Radar and came across this thread. I too am looking for single family pools, commercial, strip malls…for pennies on the dollar. Any info. would be great. Thanks. Mark Rojas

I actually have a contact

I found a reputable seller’s rep. who can more or less supply what you require. Contact with buyers criteria and I will put you in contact.

Sean here is my email:

Mark, I might be able assist you. Contact at

We have 250 Million to spend on SFR and MFR from the Bay Area to San Diego and all we get is con artist. I have emailed the 2 people listed here and we shall see.

Susan has not responded to my email and Sean has responded but not to the following question

Please answer these questions.

Are you the seller or a broker?

Is the seller a bank/insitution or a private seller?

Have you closed a deal with this seller?

Do you have a copy of the tape/inventory for sale in an Excel spreadsheet?

What is the pricing that the seller wants for the tape/inventory?

When were the bpo/apprasials done?

What name shows up on title?

In the past 2 years I have never had anyone with a decent deal in Bulk. I have looked at many. If we can purchase at 25% to 40% discounts weekly at trustee sale why would we accept a 10% discount in bulk?

I have a small tape already assembled for 31M take down .68 +3 southern california a larger tape 800M BPO 440 takedown .55 +3 cali


Robert, I will response to you offline. Here is my email. “”. Thanks, Susan