Looking for like minded individuals with $10K - $20K+ to joing forces to buy at Trustee Sales

The last property that we purchased was for $17.8K at around 65% ARV. There are plenty of properties sold under $100 with plenty of equity built in where we invest. Please contact me directly at isaacnational@gmail.com or (213) 509-9080 for further details.

Many smaller investors can?t compete at the Trustee Sales because they do not have enough CASH to buy at the auctions. This is why I want to form several LLCs with like minded people who would be willing to work as a group/company, which would make us SEC compliant. I have been investing in Trustee Sales for a while now and have worked with a seasoned investor with over 22 years of experience. Don’t let the fact that you do not have enough money stop you from being successful in today?s market.

I wanted to mention that the actual purchase price was not $17.8K but $17,108.01. We got it a penny over the openning bid. The market that I’m talking about is the Las Vegas market. There are so many places in Clark County besides Las Vegas, but many people would not recognise the surrounding cities out there. I personally travel to the Las Vegas area every time we want our next investment property.

I have two new investors that I’m working with since I posted this message. I would be more than glad to work with others. I can provide the investor with what ever service(s) he/she is looking for. I have very good commission splits for you. I can provide a full service or partial service, it all depends on what you are looking for.

Email directly at isaacnational@gmail.com