which auctioneer is selling the house I'm interested in??

I went to an auction in santa clara county and there were 3 different people conduction the auction, all reporting their delayed foreclosures and conducting their auctions at the same time. How do I know which one is the one conducting the auction for a property that I’m interested in?

I recommend attending the auction a few days prior to your scheduled sales date and time. Prior to the sale, introduce yourself to each auctioneer and ask which trustee or “post and publishing” company they are selling for. Each auctioneer is probably representing a different company (LPS, Priority, Cal-Recon, FEI, etc). Have your TS# (trustee sale #) ready and know which company will be handling your sale. The auctioneer may not be able to spend all day helping you, but they will usually accommodate a friendly, educated and sincere question or two. Good Luck.

I found the TS# but I can’t find any information about which company is handling the sale. Are you saying I need to go to the auction a few days earlier and ask the auctioneer? Is there another way to find that out?

any help on this?