Which state covered byPropertyRadar is the most lucrative for investors?

As you know, California state law requires investors to wait 45 days for a deed. I currently work as a foreclosure investor in California, but recent changes in state laws have made it less favorable for investment.
Therefore, I am looking to move to a state covered by PropertyRadar that offers more favorable conditions for investors. Ideally, this state would have lower property prices compared to California, requiring less capital for investment.

Hi Rakeshrai1,
We certainly understand your position. We now do trustee sale tracking in 7 states and around 100 counties. By using the Transfer Type criteria in Discover, you can research how many sales happen in each state/county/city you are interested in, and also see how those investors made out on their flips. The support team can help walk you through this.

It’s always good to hear from you, and your assistance is always helpful.

Thank you for the information about your expanded trustee sale tracking services. I appreciate the tip about using the Transfer Type criteria in Discover to research sales in the areas we are interested in and to see the performance of investors’ flips.

I will reach out to the support team for a walkthrough to ensure we can fully utilize this tool. Thank you again for your assistance.
Best regards,