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How do I monitor properties and see what sold to a third party?

From what I understand I go under auctions for search type, then I select location and choose map, now under property type the only boxes I check off are RES and SFR and OTH and UNK, for foreclosure details this is where I might not be doing something right, I choose prior date I check off a few days ago and put in something like 1 day or 3 days I leave all the other boxes checked, Next I click search and it tells me there are no matches.

That cant be possible because I am choosing a big area of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Ca

Please help me with this I would like to monitor some properties and see what sold to a third party.

It looks like you are correctly entering the property profile information. For 3rd Party Investors you want to make sure you are selecting “3” and then next to Sale Dates-Current you need to select a range. Put in 3 days ago and then expand the box and click on “today”. This will allow you to search a range of dates. By not expanding the box you are only choosing a single date.

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