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Any way on FR to search for Foreclosures by Borrower's (Trustor's) name?]

Don’t think so, but thot I’d ask. ?It would seem FR could establish a “search by owner” field. ? ??

?I occasionally know some individual or company who is losing several properties. ?Would like to know what they are.

Hi MikeT … FR does have that capability in its current form and I suspect also in the new beta Property Radar. Go under “SEARCH FORECLOSURES’ and then under " more search options” and then " property" … in the upper right hand corner you can enter in a owner’s name and then hit the " search" button … this will bring up any property in the state, that is in a ‘stage’ of foreclosure, under that particular owner’s name.?

PropertyRadar’s new application makes this very easy. ?There’s an owner search field on the main dashboard and there are owner search options to help you narrow down your results within many of the search features as well!