Bank of New York Mellon, REO Department

Hello, I am a realtor with over 21 years of experience. I have a client interested in buying an occupied foreclosure from Bank of New York Mellon. Do any of you have a contact number for that Bank? The property we are interested in is in zip code 91302. I appreciate your response and will reciprocate whenever possible. Thank you very much! Mai?

From what we can tell they want you to call customer service to get the contact info for the REO Department. 866-BNY-1784 or 800-269-6776. You can also try their website Good Luck!!

Mia, did you have any luck for your client? I am currently in a house being foreclosed on bc my landlord failed to pay rent (that I was giving her). Now my family and I are being rushed to leave house. I have tried contacting bank I can afford the house but no one will talk to me. The house goes on on Jun 1. Hoping for any guidance. It seems unfair that I don’t have an opportunity in this game.
Any help is appreciate.