How to track down the REO manager?

In buying Reo’s, foreclosure radar made everything easier, and I was successful to present them to the manager in case of small lenders who owns the property. They like my presentation with reo CMA, forclosure trend and rehab cost sheet. Thank you very much for it.
But I have a lot of problem of tracking down the reo?managers, especially big banks. Most of the case, their phone did not exist or disconnected. I know there is a way to find it, since bulk reo business existing around us.
But it’s very hard for me to find the right poerson, since the property was not in the hand of customer service. Plaese tell me what to do?

Two things:

  1. Try calling the trustee and asking for the contact at the lender. They are attorneys and may turn you down. But if you ask real nice they do sometimes give you a direct line to the person responsible.
  2. Use the Lane Guide. That’s the tool the title companies use to find lenders - you should too!