how do you get in touch with banks on a reo

There is an unlisted REO in my area that I want to contact the bank about. How do you find who to call–specifically. BAC Servicing is BofA, but they don’t even answer the phone or call back. How can I get to a person?

Hi Carol,
You can certainly try contact the Bank of America REO department. (BAC is the Countrywide portfolio under Bank of America) You may want to pull a copy of the Trustees Deed to see if there was a different investor involved. Bank of America/Countrywide may have only been the servicer of this loan and it is possible that the property is now owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (as an example). Oftentimes you can go to the property to find the banks contact info. They typically assign the property right away to a local realtor which is usually long before the property is listed. They will post the name and contact person that is representing the bank in case law enforcement or code enforcement officers need to reach the responsible party.

Also check out the Lane Guide ( they usually have current contact phone numbers for the various departments at each lender.