How do I find all the Current Bank Owned properties in a specific zip code?

I am trying to find all current Bank Owned properties in a specific zip code. I use the default search, and it gives me a list of Bank Owned properties. If I include history, the results gave me a list of 658 when the default search gave me only 50. In doing further research, I found that the list of 50 did not include other Bank Owned properties that were actively being marketed for sale on the MLS.
My objective is to maintain an accurate list of all properties that are still owned by the Bank and have not yet transferred to another party/Buyer. Please advise.

Hi ,
How do I contact the reo properties lender to view the properties which department?.They are no contact numbers where can I locate?

HI Maggie, This is typically the REO Department of the bank. Keep in mind that many of the larger lenders assign their REO inventories to an asset manager that then will assign an agent to list and sell the property.The assigned asset manager is not a matter of public record and can vary from lender to lender based on the investor or reinsurer. You may need to wait until their is an agent assigned to the property. You may also want to take a look at the notices posted on the property. You will usually see a notice posted with the emergency contact person taped to the front door or window.