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Best way to identify solar opportunities?

Is there a way to identify solar opportunities in PropertyRadar?

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Decided it might be easier to show you than type too much. Here’s the Project Sunroof by Google. I had never heard of that before. I can’t say I found it all that helpful but thought it might be a nice place to start if you don’t know the area well.

There a ton of different ways to slice and dice your lists. You’ll know your area better than anyone. I used my backyard because I knew where solar might be an issue because of older neighborhoods with established trees.

Here’s the list I created in the video if you’d like to start there and then create your own areas and add or subtract criteria:

Do you currently have a roofing contractor you work with that you could do some comarketing together?


What?! I had no idea you could do the list thing. That’s so great. I am a GC and was just exploring some other avenues of adding services.

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Got it. Then, I would definitely consider deploying the age of the property criteria. A really powerful way to get the word out is to do marketing while you’re in the neighorhood. You’re probably waking people up anyway and they see you’re crew there. Create lists of look-a-like houses. I’d stick to owner occupied, people with perhaps some equity to play with, and maybe focus on neighborhoods where you know properties are needing a little more work.

Those customized lists are great too because as you’re in the neighborhood, maybe you see proof that work has been done and you can take specific houses off the list as well.

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Also, check out Quick Lists (Discover>Quick Lists>Home Services). There’s a prebuilt quick list for people who have taken out a second mortgage in the last 90 days. Select that list and add geographic location. I pulled my home town and 300 people took out a 2nd.

They’re likely about to spend their money somewhere. Might as well be you.

You mentioned rebates?

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Yeah, always check with your local utility. Sometimes confusing but sometimes they have varying rebates. Here locally, I was able to get rebates for appliances, AC, windows, trees, water effiecient toilets and hardware, as well as solar. In some cases you will be able to stack them. The rebates change all the time. Most constractors I know don’t know about it or don’t want to mess with it. Partly because the consumer has to get the receipt for the actual hardware. But if you can save them several grand, I think it’s actually a selling point.

For the recent seconds, you will want to select the loan purpose for ELOC (Equity Line of Credit) as that means they potentially have access to all that cash. You can add criteria around the date the loan was originated as well as loan amounts.

I also found this website that has some great info around solar credits:


Some great ideas here. Thanks!

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