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How to identify potential ADU project & ADU Resources? #askPropertyRadar

We’ve received requests on how to identify potential ADUs project using PropertyRadar and public records. Here are three ways you might consider. Click the link next to the :rocket: to launch the criteria shown in the video:

  1. :rocket: By lot and property size (<2,500 s.f. property + >7,500 s.f. lot)
  2. :rocket: Zoning and advanced property types (R3 + SFR, upzoning)
  3. Hyperlocal design focus (insider secrets for locals)

Accessory Dwelling Unit Resources

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Hi, @aaronnorris, viewing this a bit late but great tutorial! In addition to finding potential ADU opportunities, is there a way to filter out properties that already have an ADU?

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@jemp - great question. Let me look into this because these are permitted so I would think end up in public record. There would be a new address. I’ll be back.

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@jemp I was on the phone with the Riverside Assessors office today and they showed me how they are tracking. By next month, I have some addresses I am going to follow to see if there’s an easier way to identify ADUs already on site. Unfortunately, it may be different in every county. So…some thoughts.

1. Ask your local building department for a list of completed ADUs

ADUs are a hot topic because it really addresses the affordable housing need. Cities are likely keeping track and you may be able to ask them for a list of projects. You can manually take those properties off your list.

2. Ask your local county assessor if and how they are tracking ADUs at the local level.

I called Riverside County Assessor’s Office and they were kind enough to get me to the chief appraiser today. He shared that Riverside County updates the class code or property use code from “SFD” to “SFD with Secondary Unit(s)”. Luckily, their site allows me to do a search (see search). I think there’s far more than 39 but it’s a start. When the accessor does an update, hopefully this will change. I was excited to get an idea of comps for appraisals and mortgage data.

3. Visually identify and take off the list

I know several investors that build ADUs and one investor sent me five addresses in three counties. When in PropertyRadar, I could see visually in two that the ADU was in the process of being built. For the others, it was clear there was other large structures on site. In the tutorial, I showed the method where investors may love a specific area because building ADUs is easy (alley behind property). Looking at the overhead, you could take properties off the list that clearly already have an ADU on site. It’s a little more manual work, but, as the local expert, you may already know this information.

Hopefully, this helps.

@aaronnorris Thanks for all the info, this is really helpful!

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