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Citrus Valley Association of Realtors 2020

Presentation for the Bay Area Wealth Builders 2020

Thank you, Miguel and CVAR for having us. Asking questions in our forum makes sure we don’t miss it. As promised, here are some links and resources that we talked about during the presentation.

Pre-Populated Quick Lists and Resources:

If you’re a PropertyRadar subscriber, simply log in and return to this page to click on the LIST links below. The categories and fields on the examples will automatically be populated for you (easy button). From there you can add or subtract criteria to create your perfect list. Not a subscriber and want to play? Register for the free trial and return to this page once registered and click the links.

Leveraging iBuyer Trends

Did you know we have a podcast? We air live on Thursdays at 9am PDT. Check out for all the way to listen/watch.

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