Customize important Info on dash board

many time the most important data is hidden deep in other tabs, will there be an option to customize the dashboard by the end user. for specific data?

Some of the information I need at my finger tips when looking up a specific property is if the property is owner occ or absentee, and if the address is vacant?
Other markers that I belive are important and need upfront is NOD filings
or the most recent pertinent transactions details like DOJT filings, mechanic liens filed, and active listing data, should be given upfront…rather then hiding in deep in tabs.

brings these most relevent data points would be helpful, customizations will be a game changer for my work flow.

Hi Ernesto,
Thank you for the feedback. We’ve struggled with customization in the past because people move things places, and then forget where they put them. We can definitely look at that again. Perhaps offering standard AND custom views like we do for list results.
Also, we do have a new feature coming that will start to highlight many of the things you mentioned. I’d love your feedback on that once it is released in the coming weeks.
Sean - Founder