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does your system start with NOD's?

does your system start or have NOD’s such as retran. i am looking at going to homeowners and paying them to buy there home subject to their loan. how do I so this with your system?

We track all foreclosure notices which include the Notice of Default and Notice of Trustee Sale. If you wanted to see all Notice of Defaults you would select Preforeclosure in the foreclosure tab of the search bar. You can also use our saved search feature to keep track of new notices or our alert feature that can be set up to automatically email you new notices in a summary email each day.

Did I read the FAQ section correct in that foreclosureradar only shows NODs and NOTSs that were filed 120 days or later? This seems kind of old. Is there a way to find more recently recorded filing here, or does your system not provide more recent filing data?

Hi M, We are posting new notices everyday. We typically post new notices within 3-10 days of the recording date (depending on the county). What you are referring to is the fact that by default we show you all notices that were recorded within the last 120 days. We do this so that you can easily access the active notices. We never remove a notice so you can easily access all notices beyond 120 day by clicking the “include historical records box” in the foreclosure tab and setting a date range under Notice Dates if you only want to see those that have been recorded within a certain time frame.

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