how often are the NOD's updated?

I know of properties either in BK or that are in foreclosure, but don’t appear.

Be sure to check “Include Historical Records” as many reports of this that we get are actually because the foreclosures are so old that we have removed them from our standard search results by tagging them as historical.
Our typical delay from recording is 5 to 10 days depending on the county.

In PropertyRadar’s new app the NOD information is updated continuously throughout the day as the information becomes available. ?These notices typically take 3-10 days to become active in the system these days, with results depending on the county. ?Please let us know if you have questions on specific counties. PropertyRadar’s new app no longer requires you to select “Historical Records”, but there are some additional checkboxes to select for some dated search results. ?Be sure to contact if you’re having any trouble with your searches!